All​-​American Awesome

by Desk

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released May 20, 2016


Van Bowes: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Rattrick: Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Background Vocals
Pants: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
The Reverend C. Garrett Brown: Bass Guitar, Organ
Jimmy Paul: Drums, Didgeridoo

The Desk Interdisciplinary Choir: Brian Cook, David Begin, Tom Ribeiro, Brittany McCarthy, David S. LaBrie

Concert emcee: Rick Rivera

Engineered and Produced by Jim Schultz at Turbulent Studios, Attleboro, MA
Additional Engineering by Christopher G. Brown at Nilbog East, Somerville, MA
Mastered by Devon Wedge @WonderfulColour Studios

All songs ©2016 BMI Music Publishing

For Andy Connors.

Desk would like to thank: All the idiots who thought this was a good idea, We couldn’t have made it without you, and now God help us, you’ll go screaming into Hell with us.

Van thanks: Nicole, my parents, Ma, Shadow; Rev. CGB, JP, Pants, and Rattrick for being just cracked enough to deal with my shit; Rick Rivera and all the members the Desk Interdisciplinary Choir, especially Tom Ribeiro for his help and expertise behind the camera. Devon Wedge, Danielle Brown, all the members of Body English, Bears For Years, Calvinball, The URO, Vary Lumar, The Difference Engine, and AdapterAdapter for loaning us their people long enough to birth this insane bastard of a record. Music is the only thing in the world I’m even slightly good at. Thank you for letting me howl one more time.

Rattrick thanks: Gina, for her unconditional love and unwavering support for all of my insane endeavors <3. Much love to Hobbes and Günter for their continued inspiration. 1,000 thanks to my fellow Desk-mates Rev. CB, Van, Pants, and Jimmy for their inspired contributions and for letting me shoe-horn my way into this lunacy. Many thanks to Devon Wedge for mastering this beast. Also love and thanks to my parents, Michelle, Bridget, Don, Romiya, Jenn, Sabrina, Nicole, Amara, and Naima. Last, but certainly not least, so much love and appreciation to everyone I have made or am currently making music with. You know you are, and I am extremely thankful for every moment we get to spend making art on this pale blue dot amongst the stars.

Pants thanks: To my brothers who share this five-sided cubicle, the best DESK job I've ever had. Every note is for you. To my brethren and frienthren, and all sorts of sylvan accomplices, who have painstakingly knit these PANTS and permitted my unwashed wearing of them, eternally my hat is tipped to you. And to Susan and her unbroken support, thank you.

The Rev. CGB thanks: Degan, Patrick, Jim, and as always Todd for being gullible enough to follow me down this rabbit hole. Also, my incredible parents, my siblings Eric, Darren, Heather, Ryan, their spouses and the kids, Jarrod Staples, Paul, Fusco, Laff, Eóin, Devon, Amy, Nicky, Megan, Grant, and above all Danielle for keeping me level and feeling loved. Also Bean.

Jimmy Paul thanks: First and foremost the fine gentlemen of Desk for selecting me as their drummer - Chris and Todd for introducing me to Patrick and Degan - Mother, Father, Brother Michael - Nick Ryder of AdapterAdapter for letting me off the leash - everyone who heard the initial test mixes and provided positive feedback including Tyler Loiselle, Tom Ribeiro, Jay Deluca, Nick Ryder, Jimmy James Luciano - Tom Ribeiro for leaving his couch on TWO separate Sundays for a photo shoot and a video shoot - Cactus Attack for their patience and flexibility - Devon Wedge for taking the mixes to the next level - D&M Pizza - Beer - Vulgar Parrots



all rights reserved


Desk Boston, Massachusetts

Do you like rock? Like that old school rock from back in the day when packed clubs full of people not staring at cell phones were getting drunk and waiting for that One Song? Did you love that feeling of connecting with the band and the people around you? Get some Desk.
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Track Name: Wisdom to the World
I've had it up to here and you
are just in my way now.
Hey hey yeah

Got to make those kids pay
'cause the book isn't free now
And if we read along, yeah yeah
We're gonna lose today

It's time to educate the cool
Got to erase the board and do it again
Get the wisdom to the world

We got a one way ticket punched out
for the ride
and we were told to hang on
for the rest of our lives
but I can see the light
yes I can do what's right
And I

Got to make those kids say
Repeat after me now
And you'll go far
Right straight down the hole
you're gonna dig today
Track Name: Cowboys in Boston
Hey bro
I hate your hat
There are now cowboys in Boston
so what's up with that?

Real men don't need cinnamon
in their whiskey
drink it right
drink it straight

'cause frat boy rapists
should not get
major media press

Don't need no
Cowboys in Boston, don't need no
Cowboys in Boston
'cause we're already awesome
yes we are
Don't need no
Cowboys in Boston, don't need no
Cowboys in Boston
'cause we're all-American awesome
in this town

Hey bro
let's talk about
your stupid fixiation on
Taylor Swift.

You think it'll trick girls
into thinking you're cool, but I think
girls ain't fools

Any smart woman
will see right through you
Track Name: Devil of Babylon
an extension of a system gone mad
the result of a person gone bad
and take all that we had
ruiner of all we planned

Devil in my house
Devil in my mouth

Wretched liar lies today
Safe inside Babylon

rebel priest lies to us all
sainted thief of courts of law
rotten feast the famined fall
get the young to hear your call

The science of scheme and shame
saves none
Wretched liar lies today
Safe inside Babylon
Track Name: Dirty Kids will Always Win
Dad sees me off to school
and heads back to the frontage road
Mile walk in last year's shirt
and last year's shoes
and last year's coat

Classroom's a no man's land
head low to avoid their gaze
still too afraid to stand
too afraid
too afraid
too afraid

They call me dirty
a whore-child from the street and wild
Sick boy whose dad's a beggar
Only student whose home is a shelter

No one ever tells me

"Dirty kids will always win"
There's no end unless you begin
When you look away
I have no place here

I've got a sister
too young to know this isn't right
doesn't know why she cries
'cause normal for her is a knife fight
knife fight
knife fight
Dead man at the crossroads
and that's our home

No one ever tells her

Look away, look away
you'll see no future, no
So simple to stay
'cause there's no tomorrow
if there's no today
Track Name: Love
All dressed up for a night on the prowl
fixing it all up with pills and alcohol
have a few more 'til she's looking all right
she'll be your sex sex sex sex queen of the night

Out in the world tonight
all we need to find ourselves
is right inside our hands

Don't wanna live in a world
that's gone technicolor crazy
Don't want to be stupid
just trying to cut loose
with a few choice drinks and a sexy you

I just wanna love 'til I can't see colors
I just want to love 'til I can't see colors

One shot two shots three shots more
we've all got our problems but this evens the score
You know that guy might be thick in the waist
but if he ain't thick in the head he might be worth the taste

Out in the world tonight
all we need to find ourselves
is right inside our hands

Well I don't care about your shade, baby
Just want a better place
No time like today
Just want to be crazy

Out in the world tonight
All we need to find ourselves
is right inside our hands

I just want to get real drunk
You just want to get real drunk
We just want to get fucked up
We just want the world to get fucked up
Track Name: The Great American Stupid
Can you walk this like you talk it?
Your racist hate is showing us
our true face.
"Let's bring back first-class fascism!"
Psychopaths en masse

Fake hair, fake smile
Nice suit but no style

Let the lights flash
pay with fast cash
This train is off the tracks
Over the hill
Swallow this pill
All aboard for the Great American Stupid

How many times can we break down?
I need a new place to be sane
But your wisdom is not my change
Too many mistakes and
it's permanent decay

Fake hair, fake smile
Nice suit but no style
Build them up, let them down
Watch them burn your house
to the ground

All these years of heartache
a generation of fear
Track Name: (You're) Hot (But You're A) Problem
Pretty mama's got a lot to say now
She likes to talk talk talk
Her sexy mouth moves faster
than her brain explains

She's got to know
just what it is about her, yeah
The obvious escapes the space
in their heads

I need a vaccine yeah
You're hot but you're a problem
I need a vaccine for you
You're hot but you're a problem

Outbreak at MGH
and you wonder why
We've gone from herd immunity
to herd stupidity

We listen to TVs
We listen to pretty people say please
But this media virus
is a curable disease

I need a vaccine yeah
You're hot but you're a problem
I need a vaccine for you
You're hot but you're a problem
I need a vaccine right now
You're hot but you're a problem
I need a vaccine for you
You're hot but you're a problem